About St. Joseph Worker Foundation, Inc.

St. Joseph Worker Foundation, Inc., was established in 2000 to bring hope and support to the people of Haiti.  We provide for the education of children and young adults through our Student Sponsorship      Program.  We also help with medical expenses and basic living needs of children and families in Haiti.

Fr TijwaThe man who makes our program work is Fr. Joachim Anantua, better known as "Fr. Tijwa."  We affectionately call him "Haiti's goodwill ambassador."  He is loved and respected by all who know him, which we suspect may be everyone in Haiti!  His smiling face and infectious love for Haiti inspires us, our students, and everyone he meets. 

We send Fr. Tijwa the money provided by our sponsors and supporters, and he converts it to Haitian dollars and distributes it to those in need. He is also our local contact in Haiti for students and families, when there are unexpected needs and emergencies.

Recently, we hired a young Haitian woman, Rose Michelle Joseph, as an administrative assistant for Fr. Tijwa and our organization.  She has been a wonderful addition in so many ways, and we have no idea how we managed without her.  We know she is invaluable to both Fr. Tijwa and the people coming to ask for help during this current crisis.

Fr. Tijwa lives in Cap-Haitian in the north of Haiti, a six-plus hour drive from  Port-au-Prince.