We helped Flamessia Jeune go to school.  She has no parents, no job, and she already cares for her three younger brothers.  Now she asks for help for others. 
She writes: 
“Hello Mister Dick.  I have an uncle who was helping me.  He is sick.  He is in bed with the illness and I have children to care for.  They don’t have a mother.  It is I and the uncle who send them to school.  The uncle is sick and I don’t see a way for me to do that, but I remembered I have a father after God.  It is you who are everything for me.  That’s what makes me write to you.  I know God can do everything, both for me and for you.  Thank you very, very much!”

On behalf of Flamessia and many others like her we now remember you and ask for your help.
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To help Flamessia, and others like her, contact us or donate here now: Giving Matters - St. Joseph Worker Foundation.

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