Medical and Basic Living Needs

The average person in Haiti survives on less than $1 US per day, putting many basic necessities out of reach for the Haitian people.

People struggle to feed their families the basics of rice and beans.   While food costs have increased in the US, in Haiti they have doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled.  More and more people come to us hungry each time we visit.   

While doctors are available in Haiti, patients must pay up front for their tests and treatment.  Despite being less expensive than medical costs in developed countries, a $30 fee for x-rays and medicine is often too much.  Eyeglasses are similar in cost to the US, often costing $200-$300 or more.   People must often wait months or years until they save a few hundred dollars for a necessary surgery.  Often, they never get the surgery at all.  

Please consider donating to our medical or basic living needs funds.