The People of Haiti

The people of Haiti exhibit unquestionable faith in God to provide for their needs, and are committed to providing for those God has entrusted to their care.   

In recent news, we’ve seen that faith displayed again and again as they’ve struggled with the horrific 7.0 earthquake that ravaged their tiny country and destroyed their capital city, Port-au-Prince.

They are struggling for the basics of shelter, food, and clean water.  While Port-au-Prince was hardest hit, the entire country struggles for these most basic needs each and every day. 

As the people leave Port-au-Prince for less damaged areas of Haiti, the challenges to meet these basic needs will be multiplied throughout the country.        

We share in the ministry of St. Joseph the Worker, the husband of Mary and earthly father of Jesus. Through the message of the gospel, we open our hearts to provide for all those whom God entrusts to our care.