Student Sponsorship Program

While hardworking and willing to travel great distances to find work, the work opportunities and support for developing small businesses are extremely limited for the Haitian people.  

The St. Joseph Worker Foundation encourages education as the key to creating employment opportunities for individuals and groups in Haiti, with hopes of developing a solid support for economic development and independence.

You can help one of these students get a good education, which is their only hope of breaking the cycle of poverty in Haiti. 

Please consider sponsoring a student in Haiti by providing your prayerful and financial support.  Your assistance will enable one or more of these students to attend elementary or “secondary school” which is the equivalent of high school and the first years of college in the U.S. You are encouraged to pray for your student, and to help them pay for their education. 

Students often have to leave home to attend a secondary school, which means they also have to pay for lodging and meals.  Since most schools in Haiti are on a trimester system, money is usually given to
students three times a year: in August, December, and April. 

We try to give each student $400 per year, but you are welcome to give any amount you are able.  You are welcome to contribute monthly, quarterly, semiannually, annually, or however you would like.  A priest in Haiti handles the money and assures that it is used as intended. 

Each time they receive financial support, students write to their sponsors to thank them and tell them how they are doing in school.  You are welcome to write to your student as well.  You are asked to sponsor a student for one year.  Each year you will have an opportunity to renew your sponsorship.