January 14, 2010

On my first visit to Haiti in 1984 there was a very short server at Mass.  His name was Joseph, or "Ti Zo", little Joe.  Over the years I watched him grow and helped him through school.  In 2003 he was ordained a priest of the Order of Mary Immaculate (OMI).  He's been working in the country of Columbia in youth ministry, vocations and parish work. 

    Fr. Zo calls me now and then to say hello.  Last night he called right after I sent out the email about Fr. Tijwa.  There's always a smile in his voice, a hint of laughter.  But not last night.  His voice was anguished as he shared the news that his older sister was crushed by a falling building.  She's alive, but hurt badly, and there's no help available.  The hospitals have collapsed or been abandoned.  His family wanted to fly her to Cap-Haitian to a hospital there, but there are no flights.  Besides all that, her son, a seminarian, has not been seen since the seminary collapsed. 

The anguish in Zo's voice was heartbreaking.  In tears, far away and unable to help his family, he still asked me to greet Jane and wish her well.  And to pray for his family and the people of Haiti.

I ask you to please do the same.

For more information about Haiti and the quake, please visit Wikipedia. 



St Joseph the Worker