January 15, 2010

From: Joachim Anantua, “Tijwa.”

Dear Friend,

At the time I was ready to write to you your message appeared. I thank you so much for caring for us and I thank also all our friends anxious about us, especially the victims of the catastrophe.

As you mentioned it, last evening Joseph Jean-Louis called me also from
Columbia and learned me the news of his sister and his nephew. He informed me also about the collapsing of both of the seminaries in Turgeau and Cazeau. I knew already that the seminary of the orders was destroyed.  So there is no longer any seminary in Port-au-Prince. We do not have much information about the situation of the seminarians.  Probably several died.

Today there was the possibility to have more information because the
Comcell telephonic line was working.  You have to use Comcell to Comcell. So some people had called Port-au-Prince.  Someone had called Mariline. She is fine, but she said that everyone stays outside, even at night, because they are afraid of some new shakings.  It is like that in the whole Port-au-Prince. She said that they miss food, water and everything, and that they wish to return to the North, but travelling is not easy, because everybody wants to go.  Otherwise I just heard that a bus coming from Port-au-Prince and going to Cap-Haitien had an accident.

In Milot several families are in the mourning because they learnt the news of the death of one or several members.  Some people want to go to Port-au-Prince in order to search for their relatives.  It is the same in the other places of Haiti.  It is a troubling situation.

About the other students living in Port-au-Prince, I am sure that as soon as they have the possibility they will call me to inform me about themselves and to ask for some support. I will keep you informed.

Finally you asked me about what the victim people, especially the students, could need.  I think that money is the best thing you can offer to any person for, with money, everyone can provide to himself what he needs.

Your friend:

For more information about Haiti and the quake, please visit Wikipedia. 



St Joseph the Worker