January 16, 2010

Tijwa called on Skype and we had a good chat.  He had more information on students.  I checked, and to the best of my knowledge we had ten students going to school in PAP.  We now know that four of them are safe.

    Samantha is back in Cap-Haitian.  Mariline, who was living in the street, managed to get on a bus and get to Cap.  Walky Pasteur and his family are in the streets.  Their house was damaged and is unsafe.  He has a minor injury to his foot, but he's otherwise okay.  They will probably try to find friends or relatives outside PAP to take them in.  Evelyne Jeannot has gotten from PAP to Mirebelais, a short distance away.  She's with relatives there, waiting for money to travel the rest of the way to Cap.

    We don't know about Cherline Auguste, Germano Pirono, Micheline Doristin, Ricardo Louis, and Barkley Sanon.  Rose-Michel started contacting them before Tijwa asked her to.  Phones are "working, but not perfect".  Schools are closed everywhere.

Villa Manrese is where I stayed on my first few trips (to Haiti), up on a hillside.  It collapsed, as did the seminary which was below it.  Tijwa says 50 nuns died, as did several priests and seminarians.

While I'm glad to know some of our students are okay, the magnitude of the tragedy keeps tempering the gladness with grief. 

For more information about Haiti and the quake, please visit Wikipedia. 



St Joseph the Worker