January 18, 2010

I just received the following notes from Fr. Tijwa, Rose-Michel Joseph (mother of Ruthnelle), Cherlene Pierre, Samantha Pierre and her mother, Juliane.  As Samantha shares, it is by a miracle that she is alive, while many of her classmates perished.

At this moment, in the rectory of Milot I have with me 4 of our friends:
Rose Michel, Cherlene, Samantha and her mother.  They are with me in the front of the computer and I take profit of this opportunity to converse with you under their dictation.

l) Rose Michel: (Rose Michel was hired in the fall of 2009 to help manage our organization’s activities in Haiti.  She has been a tremendous help and support to all of us!)

Hi Dick, I hope you are doing fine as well as Jane and your families.  As
the northern part of the country had not been affected, myself and my family are fine.  However I can say that all the Haitians are suffering of this great calamity. I do my best to keep in touch with the students.  I had met a few of them and I had asked Fr Tijwa to send their news to you. He had to meet with Cherlene, but as she is here among us, she will rather converse with you.  I tried to call the other students, but the communication is still difficult.  I am keeping on trying, as soon as I know about them I'll let you know.

2) Cherlene:
Bonswa Dick, how are you and Jane and your families?  How are my sponsors?

Here in Haiti we are sad because of the great desaster fallen upon our
country, especially upon Port-au-Prince and its area. Here in the North we have not been hit.  As for myself I am not too bad, excepting that I still feel some fever.  I apologize because as you use to advice me I had not dare to ask money to Pe Tijwa to go to the doctor.  He is just telling me that he will give me some money for that.  About my school in Nursing, I am doing well: at the last exams I obtained the average of 7.

I continue to pray for you and my sponsors asking God to bless you and to protect you. Receive all my greetings and love.

3) Samantha

Good evening Dick and Jane! Thanks be to God, I am still alive although I
have lost all my stuff because the house where I was living is totally
destroyed. Let me display for you the film of my adventure:

In my school I was making the last examination. The duration for that was 1h30, but I fell very uncomfortable and unable to do well.  So, I gave up and got out of the room after 20 minutes. I went home. It was about 4
o'clock.  The earthquake happened at 4h50.  You understand that most of the students who had not finished their exam perished under the school that collapsed.  You can imagine what was my emotion and as yet I feel troubled. Dick and Jane, as many students like me, as many young people living in Port-au-Prince and as all the victims I am in a great distress, especially because I have lost many of my friends.  I ask you to pray for us, only God can consolate us. Receive all my greetings and be assured that I will never forget you.

4) Juliane (Samantha's mother)

Bonswa Dick and Jane!  I hope you are fine.  Here we are sad.  You have
heard the news and you have seen the scenes on your TV.  Here it is a great desolation.  However I have to thank God because He made a great miracle for me about Samantha.  I continue to thank you and certainly to pray for you. May God bless you always.  Your friend : Juliane.

Many greetings to all of you. 

Your friend :

For more information about Haiti and the quake, please visit Wikipedia. 



St Joseph the Worker