January 20, 2010

From: Joachim Anantua, “Tijwa.”

Hello Dick,

I am writing to you today in order to give you my reaction on your email and to share with you some other information.

First of all I want to thank you for communicating with me and for the money you just sent for several using.  Particularly the money for the victims is just welcome for since a few days, now and then, I receive the visit of people coming from Port-au-Prince, friends, relatives, known or unknown persons, explaining to me their situation and their adventure in the earthquake.  I have necessary to provide to them a support, according to my possibilities.

Now in the hospital of Milot the people coming from Port-au-Prince by
helicopter need so many things. Everyone is called to support them. It will be easier for me to do something in those cases.

The second subject is about Derilus Michel who had to be surgered.  When he went to the last appointment before the surgery he met an american doctor who told him that what he has is neither a cyst nor a cancer and that it is not necessary for him to be surgered, but he better continue to take the medication they had recommended him. So, from the $600 affected for the surgery, I already gave him $150 for the purchasing of the medication.  I do not know yet for how long he will have to buy medicine.

The last item and the most important is a bad news.  Let me tell you:  This afternoon I went to the place where are the victims coming from Port-au-Prince.  On talking to them one by one, I arrived on a young man calling me by my name.  He told me that a few weeks ago he came to the rectory, accompanying Jefte Bernadin.  They live in the same house in Port-au-Prince and they were at home when came the earthquake.  The house collapsed upon them, he was hurt and lead to Milot. 

As for Jefte Bernadin and his two brothers they were killed under the blocks. I imagine that the news will break your heart as it did for me.  I imagine their poor mother loosing in one minutes her 3 boys.  What a great disaster!

May God bless you and console you. 

Your friend : Tijwa.

For more information about Haiti and the quake, please visit Wikipedia. 



St Joseph the Worker