January 28, 2010

All our PAP students are accounted for, and all are safe except the three brothers we heard about earlier.

From: Joachim Anantua, “Tijwa.”

Dear Friend,

It was great to hear you on the last day and today I feel necessary to give you, as I can, some informations on the students attending school in Port-au-Prince.  I know how you are anxious about them. 

We count ten students living in Port-au-Prince : 1) Walky Pasteur, 2) Barkley Sanon, 3) Micheline Doristin, 4) Jephte Bernadin, 5) Germano Pirono, 6) Ricardo Sama Louis, 7) Mariline Charles, 8) Cherline Auguste, 9) Samantha Pierre, 10) Evelyne Jeannot.  I just give a word on each of them:

1) Walky Pasteur
As I told you, the house where Walky was living was destroyed, but everyone in the family is fine.  The members of the family were shared between several friends and relatives homes, in Croix-des-Bouquets, in Limbe, in Cap-Haitien. As yet Walky remained in Port-au-Prince.

2) Barkley Sanon
I called Sarkley's father who told me that his family is safe, excepting
that their house was totally destroyed, but nobody was hurt.  His father,
his grand mother and himself remain in Port-au-Prince, as yet.

3) Micheline Doristin
At the time when came the earthquake Micheline was in Cap-Haitien in the awaiting of going to Port-au-Prince during the week.  She is still there not knowing when the school will be re-opened.

4) Jephte Bernadin
As I told you last week the house where were living Jephte collapsed upon him and killed him and his two other brothers.  Only one brother and another student were safe. I have not seen yet Jephte's mother.  Very soon I will try to see her and present to her our condolences.

5) Germano Pirono
Normally he was supposed to be in Port-au-Prince, but the person who is responsible for sending him to school decided to report his trip for the
next week, so he was still in Plaisance.

6) Ricardo Sama Louis
The house where Ricardo, his mother and his sister was destroyed.  They spent  a few days in Port-au-Prince, staying on the street as everybody. They finally traveled in Camp-Coq, their homeland where I met with them three days ago. They are all safe.

7) Mariline Charles
The house where she was living is ok and everyone living in the house is
safe. But, as everywhere in Port-au-Prince, she was obliged to sleep in the yard everyday.  Finally she returned to Cap-Haitien.

8) Cherline Auguste
She is ok and the house where she was living is ok.  After 14 days sleeping outside, she finally found the possibility to travel to Trou du Nord where she will stay until the school will walk again.

9) Samantha Pierre
Since the great emotion after the death of many of her classmates, she
returned to Cap-Haitian under the cares of her mother.  She is doing well.

10) Evelyne Jeannot
Yesterday paid me a visit and told me her adventure: "In the afternoon of January 12 I was visiting a friend of mine in Fontamara.  At 4:40 I decided to returned to my home, but my friend Wisline asked me to stay longer. I said no and left the house. My friend accompanied me on the front yard.  Suddenly we felt a strong earthquake and I saw the house of my friend collapsing as well as the other houses around me.  I saw the electric pillars dropping upon the cars and killing people, I saw people dying under the electric shocks.  Immediately I called my cousin who lived in the same house than me and he revealed me that the house collapsed.  I spent the night in a square as well as many people.  In the next day I followed my friend and her family to Mirebalais where I spent one week.
Finally I traveled to Cap-Haitien on Thursday January 2l. My family provided to me medication and vitamins for my legs were very weak.  I feel normal now, excepting that I lost everything. In this tragic circumstance I thank you so much for your concern and your support, especially for the money you sent to me through Fr Tijwa.

The last information I have to give you is about Francoise Jean-Louis, the
sister of Fr Joseph Jean-Louis.  Since 4 days she is in the hospital of
Milot receiving good medical cares.  She has been surgered in her foot and maybe tomorrow she will be surgered in her arm.  She looks much better. I am trying to collect more information and Rose Michel is doing her best to do the same.  We will keep you informed.  Receive all my greetings and transmit them to Jane. 

United in spirit and prayer. 

Your friend: Tijwa.

For more information about Haiti and the quake, please visit Wikipedia. 



St Joseph the Worker