Earthquake Fund Report

August 17, 2010

Fr. Tijwa writes:

Dear friend,
Between your visit to now I went to Port-au-Prince and I saw with my eyes what I used to hear either from TV or from people.  It is terrible.  The challenge for rebuilding the country is great.  I hope that will succeed.  Let us pray for that.
In the meantime many things have changed and this change is noticeable in the hospital of Milot where there are now only 45 patients from the earthquake.  Remember that they were over 300.  Among the seven tents on one house where the patients were lodging only 2 are containing people.   The other ones have been transformed in hospital rooms for the hospital service.  This morning I went under a tent for a diabetic consultation. 
I am sending to you a report for the money I had in hand for the earthquake victims:

August 16, 2010
Reserve From Last Report
New Money Received:
Total Available Money for Distribution:
Using of this Money
Distribution to the patients under the tents:
Lodging of a victim family from March til April:
Contibution to the return of this family to Port-au-Prince:
Subsequent support to our victim students: 
Other donation to Maurice Musselaire who lost his son:       
Other donation to Mrs. Vilma Valmyr who lost her son:
Other donation to Lucienne Dubique:   
Donation to Fanie Telfort who lost much and who is in great difficulty with her family responsibilities: 
Donation to Serge Dorvilus:   
Donation to Celita Pierre.  When she came under the tent she was pregnant and her baby was born there two months ago:       
Donation to a lady who has been accompanying her daughter since January under the tent:
Donation to Elucier Jean coming since January but obliged to stay because his case is complicated: 
Other donation to Elienne Presume who is still under a tent in Fond Parisien near Port-au-Prince:

Milot, August 16, 2010                                                                        Joachim Roboam Anantua, pastor



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For more information about Haiti and the quake, please visit Wikipedia.


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